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About Gridlux Luminaires 

  • 5-year replacement warranty. 
  •  Long-life energy-saving LED technology. 
  •  Complete system installed witflex and plug; can be used with Building Management System. 
  • Low Glare (UGR=19) option while providing 400 lumens on the workstation (dependant on configuration). 
  • Anodised and powder-coated aluminium extrusion body, steel mounting clips. 
  • Easy Installation. 


                                                                  Gridlux has been engineered to take seismic load, (similar to CBI cross tees) and is therefore ideal to be used as part of a seismic suspended ceiling design. 


This is a perfect acoustic solution; removing light panels in a ceiling results in more absorption across the ceiling surface. 




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3D tile array


Suitable for cafes, restaurants, offices, boardrooms, classrooms, and as a retrofit option.




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